Company Profile


The Nikolopoulos Bros 's family has a tradition in Farming, with more than three generations involved. The father of the family, Konstantinos Ath. Nikolopoulos – was the president of the Farming union of Greece from 1978 till 1982.


The family business evolved into K. Nikolopoulos Bros Farms based in Aghios Ioannis Amaliada, to extend to farms and feedplants, establishment of industrial meatworks and meat preparation.


For standardization purposes, the Company invested in an industrial building of 5.500 acres at 80th km Patras - Pyrgos.


A unit of thermal inactivation of meatwork debris is been created, for environmental and health purposes contributing to sustainable development of the Company.


Created at the company's premises in Aghios Ioannis, the feed storage and Silo facility. There, we prepare all the animal feedingstuffs.

Nowadays we continueour investmentCreated at the company's premises in Saint John, Feed Storage - Silos - Zootrofomyloi. She made all feed quality of Greek foods for rearing all animal breeds our company.


The company operates under certification of ISO9001/2000 & HACCP/ISO 22000:2010