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In our product range you will find beef meat, pig meat, sheep meat and lamb meat.

  • Mixed minced (beef & pork)
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    Mixed minced (beef & pork)
  • Small Beef silverside
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    Small Beef silverside
  • Beef Shoulder
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    Beef Shoulder
  • Sliced Beef
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    Sliced Beef
  • Beef Schnitzel
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    Beef Schnitzel
  • Beef Steak
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    Beef Steak
  • Minced Beef Breast
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    Minced Beef Breast
  • Minced Beef Saddle
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    Minced Beef Saddle
  • Young Beef Steak
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    Young Beef Steak
  • Young Beef Steak
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    Young Beef Steak
  • Beef sliced leg
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    Beef sliced leg
  • Beef Leg
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    Beef Leg
  • Beef Liver
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    Beef Liver
  • Beef Elia
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    Beef Elia
  • Beef Rump
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    Beef Rump
  • Beef Escalope
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    Beef Escalope
  • Beef Ribs
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    Beef Ribs
  • Beef Mouse
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    Beef Mouse
  • Beef Bust
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    Beef Bust
  • Young Lamb
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    Young Lamb
  • Beef Silverside Sliced
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    Beef Silverside Sliced
  • Beaf Breast Minced
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    Beaf Breast Minced
  • Beef Minced Leg
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    Beef Minced Leg
  • Beaf Rolled Leg
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    Beaf Rolled Leg
  • Mixed Minced Beef & Sheep
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    Mixed Minced Beef & Sheep
  • Sliced Beef for Chinese
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    Sliced Beef for Chinese
  • Beef Minced Shoulder
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    Beef Minced Shoulder


  - Lamb

  - Beef Elia

  - Beef Escalope

  - Beef Rump

  - Minced Beef (rump)

  - Minced Beef (chest)

  - Minced Beef (shoulder)

  - Minced Beef & Pork

  - Minced Beef and sheep

  - Beef and Pork

  - Beef Steak

  - Dairy Calf Steak

  - Beef silverside

  - Beef Mouse

  - Beef Roll (rump)

  - Beef Liver

  - Beef Schnitzel

  - Beef Shoulder

  - Beef Ribs

  - Beef Breast

  - Beef Shredded (rump)

  - Sirloin Beef for Chinese

  - Sliced ​​Beef (rump)